Lesson 11

A1 - Lesson 11

Personal Pronouns (Nominative case) | Personalpronomen (Nominativ)​

Personal Pronouns (Nominative case) | Personalpronomen (Nominativ)​

In Lesson 11 you will learn various pronouns in the nominative case.

Following are the main points that will be taught in the video:

• What are personal pronouns?

• How does one use them?

• The German pronouns are gender specific; hence the nouns should be replaced by the appropriate pronouns.

With the help of examples you will understand the use of pronouns for persons and things. The video will end with a summarized table for pronouns. Make sure to note down the table and understand it clearly, because it will be the base of the grammar you will learn in future.

To practice what you have learned in this video, try to make simple sentence using personal pronouns and don’t forget to download the attached sheet for more exercises.