Lesson 14

A1 - Lesson 14

Regular verbs | Regelmäßige Verben

Regular verbs | Regelmäßige Verben

In the previous lesson you had a small introduction to different forms of verbs i.e. “Regular and Irregular verbs”. In continuation of that, in this lesson you will learn in detail “what regular verbs are”.

There are a lot of German regular verbs that you already know, like; machen, spielen etc. In German you have to always conjugate a verb, when you use it in a sentence. In this video, you will learn the rule of conjugating regular verbs with the help of a few examples. Additionally there will also be a few special cases that you will be doing in this lesson.

In the end there is an exercise where you have to conjugate the verbs and fill in the blanks.

If you want to practice some more, you can download the attached worksheet.