Lesson 18

A1 - Lesson 18

How to introduce someone? | jemanden vorstellen

How to introduce someone? | jemanden vorstellen

In Lesson 18 you will learn “How to introduce someone?”

Along with learning to introduce yourself in previous lessons, you have also learned how to ask someone a few questions, to get to know them. In addition to that you also learned personal pronouns and verb conjugations and now it is time to put all that knowledge to use while learning how you can introduce a third person.

In this video you will learn how to answer to the question “Wer ist das?” (who is that / Who are they?)

This lesson will explain the usage of the pronouns “er, sie, es and sie”. Keeping everything you have learned in all the above mentioned topics in mind, try to introduce someone you know.

To practice what you have learned, you can download the attached worksheet.