Lesson 27

A1 - Lesson 27

Possessive pronouns (Accusative case) | Possessivpronomen (Akkusativ)

Possessive articles (Accusative case) | Possessivartikel (Akkusativ)

In Lesson 27 you will learn “Possessive articles in the accusative case”

After learning the articles in the accusative case; you will now learn how to use the possessive articles in the accusative case.

Before you start, we suggest that you do a quick revision of possessive articles in nominative in lesson 24. And since you already know the articles in the accusative case, this should not be difficult at all. Along with a summarized table of everything that you will learn in this video, there is also a small exercise for you to practice, at the end of the video.

If you want to have more exercises for practice, don’t forget to download the free worksheet attached.