Lesson 34

A1 - Lesson 34

Questions of Time | Fragewörter mit Zeit

Questions of Time | Fragewörter mit Zeit

Asking what time it is, or telling some the time is one of the most common occurrences in one’s life, You yourself must ask for time or tell some the time quite often, We all do that and in lesson 34 you will learn how to formulate various questions related to time and answer them in German.

Before starting this video, we suggest you revise lesson 29 for W-fragan or W-questions. In the previous chapters, you have already come across the words, “Wie lange?”, “Wann?”, “Bis wann?” In this video, you will learn how and when to use these questions in relation to the topic “Time”.

There are a few examples for each one of the time-related questions, to teach you how to answer these questions.

The attached worksheet should help you in testing what you have learned.