Lesson 38

A1 - Lesson 38

Daily Routine | Tagesablauf

Daily Routine | Tagesablauf

Talking about your daily routine with friends, family, or new people can be a good small-talk topic and in lesson 38 you will learn how to talk about your “Daily Routine”.

In the previous lesson, you learned, what “Separable Verbs / Trennbare Verben” are. Many of these Verbs can be used to describe your daily routine. In this video, you will be learning a lot of phrases and structures which will help you describe things that you do every day.

You will also find examples of various questions and ways to describe your daily routine in the morning, afternoon, or in the night.

We suggest that you write your daily with the help of everything that you have learned in this video to practice and don’t forget to download our free worksheet for some more practice exercises.