Lesson 40

A1 - Lesson 40

Giving Directions | Wegbeschreibung

Giving Directions | Wegbeschreibung

In Lesson 40 you will learn how to “Give Directions” to a stranger or ask for them yourself, especially when you are in a new city and looking for a place.

It is advised to watch the video of “In der Stadt” to know the names of various places you can find in a city. Follow the link given below to reach this video.

You will be learning the various terms for giving directions, such as Left and right (Links und Rechts).

There will be many phrases that will also give you an idea of how to ask for directions, and how to answer when asked for directions in German. We advise you to learn all these phrases and structures by heart.

Finally, there are a few sample dialogues, which will give you more confidence in using the terms and phrases you just learned. And if you feel like practicing what you just learned, you can download the attached worksheet.