Lesson 41

A1 - Lesson 41

"was" or "had" | "war" oder "hatte"

“was” or “had” | “war” oder “hatte”

In Lesson 41 you will learn the verbs “war / hatte”. These are the simple past tense of the two most important Verbs “haben and sein”.

In this lesson, the focus will be on one of the Vergangenheits form / Past tense forms, “Prateritum”. In addition to learning what Prateritum is, you will mainly learn, “how to use the verbs “war and hatte” and how to conjugate them. Don’t forget to note down the tables with the conjugation of both the verbs from the video.

There will also be a small introduction to “Vergangenheit, Gegenwart and Zukunft”. It will not only help you in understanding this topic better but will also help you in future grammar topics.

At the end of the video, you will find an exercise to practice what you have learned in this lesson. To practice more, you can download the attached worksheet.