Lesson 42

A1 - Lesson 42

Non-Separable Verbs | Untrennbare Verben

Non-Separable Verbs | Untrennbare Verben

In Lesson 42 you will be learning about “the non-separable verbs”.

We suggest that you do a quick revision of separable verbs before starting this lesson. You can find this video in the related videos.

Just like the separable verbs, there are also inseparable verbs in the German language. These are the verbs with prefixes that cannot be separated. At some places the “untrennbare verben” are also called “nicht trennbare verben”. In this video, you will learn about such verbs and a few examples for each one of them.

The objectives of this lesson are

  • What are non-separable verbs?
  • What is their position in a sentence?
  • How to conjugate them?
  • And finally we will be learning a few non-separable verbs

Don’t forget to note down and learn the table with conjugation for a few non-separable verbs that will help you in conjugating other non-separable verbs.

Lastly, to practice what you have learned, you can download the attached worksheet.