Lesson 43

A1 - Lesson 43

Talking about your health | krank sein

Talking about your health | krank sein

In Lesson 43 you will learn how to “Talk about your health”.

Being able to explain and talk about your health when you are unwell is one of the most important things you must learn, when in a foreign country, and that is exactly what we will do in this video. In this lesson, you will learn how and what to say when you are unwell.

The learning objectives of this lesson are:

  • You will learn the names of a few common illnesses or “Krankheiten”.
  • You will learn how to express yourself when you are ill.
  • Finally, you will learn how to give someone advice when they are unwell.

Before you begin with this lesson you should have learned the various body parts in German and the best would be to learn them with their articles. You can find this video in the related videos.

Lastly, to practice what you have learned, please download the free worksheet attached.