Lesson 45

A1 - Lesson 45

Present Perfect 2 | Perfekt 2 (haben or sein)

Present Perfect 2 | Perfekt 2 (haben or sein)

Lesson 45 also deals with the “Present Perfect Tense”. In the previous video, you learned what is perfect and how to use perfect.

In this video, you will learn when to use “haben” and when to use “sein” as the helping verb in perfect.

The learning objectives of this video are:

  • Showing sein and haben as helping verbs with the help of a few examples.
  • How to conjugate the verbs sein and haben.
  • Finally you will learn with which verbs you should use haben and with which words you should use sein as a helping verb in perfect.

There are some rules that you will learn and ample examples to make it easier for you to understand the topic well. In the end, we will be doing a small exercise to practice what we will learn in this lesson.

To practice some more, download the attached worksheet