Lesson 5

A1 - Lesson 5

Alphabets | das Alphabet​

In Lesson 5 you will learn the German alphabets.

After getting a hang of the language, it’s now time to learn the German Alphabets. You will see that the German alphabets are written same as the English alphabets but their pronunciation is a bit different. So make sure to re-watch the videos as many times if you want to learn the correct pronunciation of all the alphabets.

Additionally you will also get to learn about the special characters in German – ß, Ö, Ü, Ä.

You will also be learning a lot of new words in this video and it is important that you memorise them to further improve your vocabulary. So let’s have fun and learn the German alphabets.

Lastly, make sure to download the attached worksheet to practice what you have learned in this video.