Lesson 6

A1 - Lesson 6

Introducing Yourself | sich vorstellen​

Being able to introduce yourself in a new language is one of the very first milestones of a language learner. It sure gives you a sense of accomplishment in your language journey.

In Lesson 6 you will learn to introduce yourself using simple sentences and phrases. By the end of the video you will be able to introduce yourself by mentioning your name, your country, language, age, profession and hobbies. Don’t forget to write down all the new words and phrases you learn in this video.

You can also watch the related videos to know about your country of origin, which language you speak and what profession you practice. At the end of this lesson do remember to write a text on yourself using all the information and vocabulary you have learned in this lesson.

And in the end, the attached worksheet has a small exercise to help practice some more.